Paris & Kenya

No need for prayers, WE have a problem in this world. I apologize if this may offend you but, realistically prayers aren’t going to stop these viscous attacks on large crowd’s across the world.

First it was Kenya, and now Paris. Looks like it’s time to stock piling and preparing for the idiots to cross into our borders. Unfortunately they are already here most likely. Have you seen what comes through the Canadian border? Canadian is an English controlled providence. What does this mean? Well for one, all of these terrorist organizations, that our government has us believe are out there, typically fall under English rule at one point. Some still have English citizenship. With this citizenship, they can enter into Canada with no problems. After a little time, and a little homework, they can enter into the American border and well boom. No pun intended.

I can tell you this, they are not going to be coming through the Mexican border if they attack us. They will come dressing casual, just like us, speaking just like us.

Life is not all a box of cherries, and no ones going to squeeze yours. It’s time to start thinking of the future. Are these the issues we want our children to really deal with when they are our age?

Two Weeks in a Row; LSU Loses!

Well folks, here we go, two weeks in a row. I wonder what seems to be the problem. I know while watching the game, Harris, through nice deep balls, and Fournette seemed to rush well. Is it the weak offensive, excuse me, young offensive line? Is it the defense, who just can’t seem to make the right blocks, even when the RB’s trip themselves up. Or, is it still bad play calling from Les Miles and Cam Cameron?

Something has to change. As a die hard fan, I have to say the inevitable, we are getting worse and worse, week by week. Other SEC teams, are starting to notice, and they are just running the ball harder against us.

Hours earlier, Alabama solidified it’s dominance over the SEC west, by shutting down Mississippi State 31-6. With this win, and Lost to Arkansas, LSU has no chance of competing for the SEC championship in Atlanta.


LSU Sadden 2015 Season!

LSU fans, are you tired of living in Alabama’s rear mirror. I know I sure am. We seem to always be one step behind the Tide. It is becoming apparent after listening to ESPN and CBS that we are now what use to be BAMA vs Auburn rivalry.

It has been five years since we’ve tasted blood from BAMA. Just like my fellow LSU fans, I am ready to taste blood. I no longer want to be in the rear view mirror.

Les Miles you are first to be addressed, why don’t you trust your qb’s? Everysince Matt Flynn left you went to a two QB system. That kind of worked. Then you had Jefferson, he was a mediocre QB. But now you have Harris; who, if I may say is a damn good QB. Did he not bail us out a 3rd and 18th on the goal line Saturday against the Tide, with his arm? He sure did! It’s amazing how you and Cam Cameron do so much planning, but when it counts, well who’s watching now? Oh and lastly, I don’t really care that you are LSU’s most winningest coach, I really don’t. I do care about beating BAMA and the national championship. I do care about sitting front row seat in the SEC championship and just SEC period.

Cam Cameron, dude who are you? You just don’t seem to get it. Alabama does, even Florida almost got it this year. It’s called game film and they watch it. Guess what, they exposed us by watching it. LSU only has a running game because you and good ole les do not trust your QB’s.

Finally, sorry if I seem long drawn out. LSU fans, let us rise up and show our true colors . We bleed purple and live gold. We are the mighty fighting Tigers. We are the greatest powerhouse in the SEC.


Real Issues in America

Look i really don’t care if homosexuals get married or not. I do care that those who carry the bible are judging others. Do not be a hypocrypt, sit your ass back down and let the world run in peace. Gays getting married, is not an issue, nor should it be an issue. However, what i do care about is why we are running around killing each other. Look we are all Americans. You don’t see ISIS running around killing each other, yes they kill others but not themselves. I say we take our AMERICAN flag and our CONFEDERATE flags, and shove it right up ISIS’s ass.


Are we alone in this universe or multiverse?

This is a good question. I do not believe we are alone, I believe there is a supreme being or beings out there in the universe. God is a term many people or religions throw around, however have no idea of the meaning. The meaning of god is literal and is a term to describe a supreme being, not to name the being. If society could decipher the difference, I believe many other members of society who are not religious, would not be as philosophical with the religious groups. Life was created by a supreme being, as Albert Einstein stated on his bed and through his later works, to deny a God would be plane ole ignorant.

As a non believer of religion, I want to end by saying I do not deny God, I deny your story. I believe in a being, out there in the universe or multiverse, which the great Physicist Steven Hawkings has worked on in his theories. In this theory, the current universe we lie in is in a puddle of many, many other universes, creating a multiverse

Violence in America

I find it awkward how the media has talked so much about white cops killing black citizens. However, we have really missed a real growing problem and that’s the increase in violence amongst our teens. Teens fighting over words and teens posting every fight on Facebook or YouTube. I believe if we discipline our teenagers and showed respect to each other, other violent encounters would dissipate.

I’m just throwing this out there. I’m really getting tired of hearing about how whites don’t like blacks. Look, I’m an American, you reading this are American. We are all Americans, who’s my enemy, anyone who apposes America.

Yesterday morning and every Monday morning I say the pledge of allegiance. Why because I do pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.

Let’s start a new hashtag ‪#‎AmericanLivesMatter‬ and let’s unite as one nation under God.

God Bless America and let’s stop talking and let’s do!

School Lunch’s, should they be free?

This seems to be a topic of conversation in today’s media. Let’s evaluate this topic. Should they be free? No; however, should we starve children who cannot pay? HELL NO! Did I have free lunch growing up? No, did I mind if others had free lunches, no. I’ve never really gave a crap what the next person has, or doesn’t have. Does it hurt our economy if we pay for everyone’s lunch, you betcha it does. If we are going to make lunches free, this needs to be a privatized fund provided by the community. The federal government, has enough crap they are paying for, they do not need to spend more of our money we do not have. Excuse me more money which they have made up electronically. Our government, is a different story which we will cover later. I just want to hit this subject, because I think parents need to continue to pay for lunch. Let’s be honest, lunch is free, when I went to school it cost 75 cents, where can you buy a lunch for 75 cents?